The mother of all quizzes – The IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ!

The mother of all quizzes – The IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ!Getting tired of playing easy online games? Not able to feel the adrenaline and pressure of losing? Well guess what, the wait is over! The Impossible Quiz 1 is the real deal. It is a highly popular game on the internet, with millions playing all across the globe. It aims on testing people’s ability to think out of the box. With one incredibly challenging question after another, this game take quizzing to a whole new level of pressure and frustration.


1.1. INSTRUCTIONS: The instructions are simple – Beat the game by answering each and every question. But that’s not all there is to it, is there? It wouldn’t be so challenging if it were that simple. Every question has a ‘very different’ solution to it, for the answer may not always be the ones that you see on the screen.

1.2. GAMEPLAY: The game consists of several questions, each with multiple choices. All you have to do is answer them by carefully reading the content. After every 10 questions, you get a SKIP option, which can, as the name suggests, be used to skip a tough question anytime in the game (except for some, which do not allow the use of SKIP).
1.3. CONTROLS: The controls are simple – For PC, a keyboard and a mouse are required, where some questions might require the pressing of certain keys for uniquely absurd answers! Remember, you have to think OUT OF THE BOX.

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The game looks kind of like a cartoon series due to its graphics and mild profanity, and so is rated as ‘9+’ . Nevertheless, it is an absolutely fun, addicting, and frustrating game, with tons of surprises waiting. It can be easily found and played online, or it can be downloaded from Google Play, or the App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively. So, don’t wait for it! Hurry up and check it out!