What Jim Bonacci has to say about Happy Wheels

What Jim Bonacci has to say about Happy WheelsYou all probably already know about Happy Wheels Game, it has millions of fans all over the world; it is ragdoll physics flash game (which basically means that characters and object in this game move realistically, according to laws of physics) which contains elements of dark humor and different funny characters as well as maps.

Probably main reason why this game is so popular is its funny moments and its exceptional humor. No matter what kind of mood are you having, couple of minutes playing this flash game and you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Game also features Demo version, main different between demo and full version of Happy Wheels is amount of characters, amount of maps and couple of little details. Even though full version contains a lot of more features people still prefer to play demo, because demo version loads a lot faster than full version.

As for objective of the game, well main thing what you have to do is to reach finish line without losing your BODY PARTS! Yep, you heard me correctly; game has so much violence and blood in it, if you have weak stomach I don’t recommend you to play this game LOL.

I’m not going to list controls of the game in this article, you can check it yourself inside the game, just click instructions button and it is all there.

Another important thing is that game also has hacked version with it, in the hacked version you are immortal, no matter what happens to your character he won’t die and none of your body part will fall.

Author of this unique game is Jim Bonacci, I believe he has couple of other games as well except Happy Wheels, you can check his official web-site to find them.

With this being said, go visit link which I have provided, it has demo version of the game and it is free to play, but I must warn you: game is so amazing and entertaining you might get addicted to it!