Impossible Quiz – Do you have the brains

In the current setting, we are used to most games involving strategy and action, where the use of wit is minimal or some do not even use it at all. However, inXile Entertainment’s impossible quiz is a logical puzzle game that introduces craftiness and humor in some common general knowledge questions.

impossible quiz

A look at the impossible quiz review reveals that, though you may know little as far as general knowledge is concerned this may still be the game for you. The game is actually designed to frustrate you, while at the same time still entertaining you due to the craftiness behind how the questions are asked.

The game presents you with questions which may have multiples that you choose from. Not that the multiples make it easier, in fact they make it more challenging. In this case you will have to apply a well known principle which is to think outside the box or guess your way out which is not as good as the lives are also limited or you might also count on the elimination method to single out the correct answer but it will not work always.

When the game commences you will have three lives which become more and more important as the game progresses. As you start the questions may seem very easy but do not beat your chest yet, when you progress they becomes more and more complex. The questions are over a hundred and to select your answer you touch the preferred option in the case of multiple. The game also allows you to link it with your Facebook account where you can even post some puzzles.


If you are looking for a brain buster that will leave you in stitches, impossible quiz is the puzzle game for you. Try it out and let us see where your wits will get you.

Lazy guy’s advice – Zombie Trailer Park

It is really weird that today whole planet is losing their minds over zombie games, zombie TV shows, zombie movies and so on and so on…

zombie trailer park

Just add to any subject zombie character and BOOM, it is extremely popular like next day already and everybody loves it, but who am I to judge? I also enjoy zombie games very much, in fact I will even list games which I play most often.

When I have free time and I’m at home comfortable, I play Call Of Duty Zombies, it is pretty decent game and very entertaining, but when I’m at work and I have couple of minutes of free time I prefer playing flash games, in this case – Zombie Trailer Park!

Main reason why I choose ZTP (aka Zombie Trailer Park) is that it doesn’t require from you to install anything, you just visit site which has this game on it and that is all, simple as that!

Now I won’t dive too deep with details what kind of game it is and things like that, you can find it yourself in couple of minutes while playing, instead I will pin point main subjects, so get ready:

  • Game consists of different units; zombies have different units as well.
  • In order to increase amount of your soldiers you will have to build special buildings (barracks).
  • Some of your units fight in close combat, while others have guns and explosives and they can fight on long distances.
  • Killing zombies increases your special attack abilities, once they are full you can unleash meteor of bombs on zombies and other kind of attacks, main thing to keep in mind here is to use them when you don’t have any other options left, otherwise your base will be destroyed.
  • Game ends when you destroy zombie’s home base and clean city from undead. That is pretty much your main and only objective in Zombie Trailer Park.
  • Gameplay

As you can see there are pretty interesting objectives in this game, and it is also very fun to destroy one wave of zombies after another over and over again, additionally to this you will get new units with new attack abilities over time so you won’t really get bored with this amazing zombie game.