Google Pacman review – 2017

Google Pacman review - 2017Just when you thought that those pesky ghosts would go away, here they come again to haunt the good people of earth and they have even invaded one of the most popular search engines in the world! The people call on one man the chomp his way through these hard times and his name is Pac man! That is right! The popular gaming icon has now invaded your Google search engine! Play the world famous game aptly dubbed Pacman Google.

Today’s flash technology has made it possible to fuse yesterday’s games into today’s modern advances. The Pacman Google is one concrete example of this fact. Gain access to your favorite game by just simple pulling up your internet browser and going to this famous search engine’s website. This game used to be an old console and arcade game that little kids and young people alike enjoyed. If you would told those people that you can play Pacman Google on your PC today, they would not have believed you.

Google has been known for incorporate different designs and flash applications to the logo of their main site. Adding Pacman Google to the interface as a promotional tool proved to be a brilliant move, it is also worth mentioning that there is Pacxon Unblocked and you can enjoy it at any gaming site. They gave the game a new life by introducing it to today’s youth and rekindling its glory in the hearts and minds of the people who were old enough to have experienced it. This action completely reiterated why Google is one of the leading search engines today.

Pacxon UnblockedPacman Google still stays true to its simplistic and original concept. You start of in a platform shaped as the Google logo filled with pellets. The object of Pacman Google would be to gather all the pellets without getting hit by the wandering ghosts and to obtain the highest possible score as the same time. You are given the chance to stick it to those ghosts once you eat some power pellets. These are the larger pellets that can be found scattered around the field. Eat one of those and the ghosts would run for their lives as you try to eat them alive. Gather fruits and objects along the way so that you can obtain a higher score. Pacman Google just basically operates around this concept so its quite fun and never goes old, no matter how old you get.

If you have not yet tried this Pacman Google out then it is heavily suggested that you give it a go. Be a part of this global phenomenon that has swept the world of its gaming feet and has set the standard for video games today. The promotional period may be over but you can still play Pacman Google by looking it up on the search engine itself. Go ahead give it a try and play an all time favorite that has paved the way through the hearts of many. It just goes to show that not even the test of time and technology can keep a gold old classic game like Pacman Google down. Also try Electric man for free game is awesome.


Dolphin Olympics 1 – jump in space

The “Dolphin Olympics” game is an online flash game that was designed by Mr. Alan Rawkins. It was updated to the “Dolphin Olympics 2″ the year 2007 and completely replaced the predecessor “Dolphin Olympics”, the same year Return Man 3 was released. However, the “Dolphin Olympics 2″ game is fundamentally the same with the original version and reaching to the universe-end requires the same exact skills and instructions, and get awarded with massive high scores for your time sacrifice and practice.

Dolphin Olympics 1 - jump in spaceInstructions
1. Build up the speed by jumping out and in of the water by using the “down” and “Up” arrow keys. Adjust the nose of the dolphin at a 45 degree for a smooth re-entry into the water using the “Left” and “Right” arrow keys so as to build faster speed and also build the trick combo.

  1. Press “Up” key once the dolphin has entered into the water so as to jump out very fast and also build the momentum; hanging in the water for too long slows the dolphin and ends the trick combo.
  2. Press “Down,” “Left” and “Right” to flip and also cork-screw your dolphin so as to multiply the points and also build an even speedier platform; the dolphin loses all the momentum if you happen to do the trick poorly.

Tips & Warnings
Pay attention to the landings because not only will it give you a credit for your trick but your points will also accumulate within the one combo. While playing Dolphin Olympics, the points you get for a combo is usually determined by product of your points cumulative value of the total tricks and also a multiplier that’s increasing with the amount of tricks that you complete. The increase in the multiplier for the trick equates to 1 divided multiplied by number of periods that the trick was done. For instance, the primary nice entry that you do increases the multiplier by 1 while the second increases the multiplier by 0.5. The final score is the total sum of all the combos. It’s most beneficial to have huge combos. The “Nice Entry” will always continue your combo, not unless you hang under water for much too long. Never delay while under water, it’s either you are exiting or entering at all times.

Building your multiplier happens to be very crucial. You need to do at least two Carnivals, Reversals and Wraparounds as these tricks are next to impossible to perform after having built up a higher speed. The good rule to gauge your performance is to make sure by 10 seconds into starting the game the multiplier should be at least 10 while by 30 seconds the multiplier should be at least 20. Achieving a good early multiplier can win you up to 15 to 20 million points. You can also play ssf 2 unblocked which are also great game.

If you have a desire of mastering the Carnival, you’ll have to learn how to regulate the flipping speed with the corkskews. If you corkskew and also flip at once, the rate in which you flip decreases. While you are flipping in the air its convenient to corkskrew so as to regulate your flipping speed and set up a very Nice Entry and also a successful corkskrew. On occasion you try the Wraparound and a halfway through you realize you’re too deep to actually surface. You halt and jump from the water only to discover that your combo has already reset. To stop resetting, you need to press the “down” arrow key, tail slide, and then jump out of the water with only a very slight loss of your speed.

During the mid game you won’t be trying to get the Carnivals, Reversals and Wraparounds. Instead your tricks will consist of Flips, Schooled, Rewinds, Firecrackers, and Extensions. The Extensions are very essential since they usually increase your speed, game clock and multiplier. By exiting the waters at shallow water and also not going up above the clouds, you will maximize the probability of hitting the extensions.

What Jim Bonacci has to say about Happy Wheels

What Jim Bonacci has to say about Happy WheelsYou all probably already know about Happy Wheels Game, it has millions of fans all over the world; it is ragdoll physics flash game (which basically means that characters and object in this game move realistically, according to laws of physics) which contains elements of dark humor and different funny characters as well as maps.

Probably main reason why this game is so popular is its funny moments and its exceptional humor. No matter what kind of mood are you having, couple of minutes playing this flash game and you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Game also features Demo version, main different between demo and full version of Happy Wheels is amount of characters, amount of maps and couple of little details. Even though full version contains a lot of more features people still prefer to play demo, because demo version loads a lot faster than full version.

As for objective of the game, well main thing what you have to do is to reach finish line without losing your BODY PARTS! Yep, you heard me correctly; game has so much violence and blood in it, if you have weak stomach I don’t recommend you to play this game LOL.

I’m not going to list controls of the game in this article, you can check it yourself inside the game, just click instructions button and it is all there.

Another important thing is that game also has hacked version with it, in the hacked version you are immortal, no matter what happens to your character he won’t die and none of your body part will fall.

Author of this unique game is Jim Bonacci, I believe he has couple of other games as well except Happy Wheels, you can check his official web-site to find them.

With this being said, go visit link which I have provided, it has demo version of the game and it is free to play, but I must warn you: game is so amazing and entertaining you might get addicted to it!


The mother of all quizzes – The IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ!

The mother of all quizzes – The IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ!Getting tired of playing easy online games? Not able to feel the adrenaline and pressure of losing? Well guess what, the wait is over! The Impossible Quiz 1 is the real deal. It is a highly popular game on the internet, with millions playing all across the globe. It aims on testing people’s ability to think out of the box. With one incredibly challenging question after another, this game take quizzing to a whole new level of pressure and frustration.


1.1. INSTRUCTIONS: The instructions are simple – Beat the game by answering each and every question. But that’s not all there is to it, is there? It wouldn’t be so challenging if it were that simple. Every question has a ‘very different’ solution to it, for the answer may not always be the ones that you see on the screen.

1.2. GAMEPLAY: The game consists of several questions, each with multiple choices. All you have to do is answer them by carefully reading the content. After every 10 questions, you get a SKIP option, which can, as the name suggests, be used to skip a tough question anytime in the game (except for some, which do not allow the use of SKIP).
1.3. CONTROLS: The controls are simple – For PC, a keyboard and a mouse are required, where some questions might require the pressing of certain keys for uniquely absurd answers! Remember, you have to think OUT OF THE BOX.

Take a look at hacked qwop game as well while you are reading this guide.

The game looks kind of like a cartoon series due to its graphics and mild profanity, and so is rated as ‘9+’ . Nevertheless, it is an absolutely fun, addicting, and frustrating game, with tons of surprises waiting. It can be easily found and played online, or it can be downloaded from Google Play, or the App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively. So, don’t wait for it! Hurry up and check it out!

Impossible Quiz – Do you have the brains

In the current setting, we are used to most games involving strategy and action, where the use of wit is minimal or some do not even use it at all. However, inXile Entertainment’s impossible quiz is a logical puzzle game that introduces craftiness and humor in some common general knowledge questions.

impossible quiz

A look at the impossible quiz review reveals that, though you may know little as far as general knowledge is concerned this may still be the game for you. The game is actually designed to frustrate you, while at the same time still entertaining you due to the craftiness behind how the questions are asked.

The game presents you with questions which may have multiples that you choose from. Not that the multiples make it easier, in fact they make it more challenging. In this case you will have to apply a well known principle which is to think outside the box or guess your way out which is not as good as the lives are also limited or you might also count on the elimination method to single out the correct answer but it will not work always.

When the game commences you will have three lives which become more and more important as the game progresses. As you start the questions may seem very easy but do not beat your chest yet, when you progress they becomes more and more complex. The questions are over a hundred and to select your answer you touch the preferred option in the case of multiple. The game also allows you to link it with your Facebook account where you can even post some puzzles.


If you are looking for a brain buster that will leave you in stitches, impossible quiz is the puzzle game for you. Try it out and let us see where your wits will get you.

Experience on Tank Trouble 1

Experience on Tank Trouble 1Entertainment is fascinating on online gaming. There are many addictive games played online, but Tank Trouble 1 is on of the best games with the best experience. The game is related to tanks, and the main objective is to destroy the opponent’s tank. This game has three modes of playing. You can play alone, one opponent or two opponents. If you choose to play alone, the computer will automatically become your opponent. Deathmatch Tank Trouble 1 is designed in a maze-like setting. One has to maneuver his tank so as to destroy the opponent’s tank while avoiding colliding with the obstacles. There are several levels of plays that open up after completion of the previous levels. Easy instructions make the game simple to play. As you shoot on the rival tank as well as avoiding hitting the obstacles, the point increases on your tally at the bottom of the screen, where points that you accumulate score.

Tank trouble game is an interesting one as one has to perform three complex movements at a time. You have to score highest points possible, avoid hitting the obstacles as well as attacking the opponents tank thus preventing him from cornering you. More challenging levels upgrade as you proceed to move ahead from one level to the next. The new boosters unlock after completion of certain levels and challenges. The primary purpose of the bonuses and boosters is to add powers to your shooting capabilities, giving you an advantage over your opponent. The more boosters you unlock, the stronger the ability to tackle your opponent.

  1. controls of the game
    The control depends on the number of players in the game.
    * Player 1 moves the tank using the “arrow keys” and shoots the opponent with the letter “M.”
    *The second player uses letters “E, S, D, F” and attacks with the letter “Q.”
    *The last player uses the mouse for both functions, that is, moving the tank and firing.

Indulging in healthy competition among your friend is the thing you wouldn’t want to take for granted. Unblocked Tank Trouble 1 is the best game you can pass time on while having a classic combat experience. It can also be a sort of stress reliever. After a long day, consider having this experience on your computer. The overall advantage is that the game is available online for free. You don’t have to pay anything for the classic entertainment. The other advantage is that you can adjust it according to your preferences. With the few qualities outlined above, I would recommend you to download the game today and have the best.


Lazy guy’s advice – Zombie Trailer Park

It is really weird that today whole planet is losing their minds over zombie games, zombie TV shows, zombie movies and so on and so on…

zombie trailer park

Just add to any subject zombie character and BOOM, it is extremely popular like next day already and everybody loves it, but who am I to judge? I also enjoy zombie games very much, in fact I will even list games which I play most often.

When I have free time and I’m at home comfortable, I play Call Of Duty Zombies, it is pretty decent game and very entertaining, but when I’m at work and I have couple of minutes of free time I prefer playing flash games, in this case – Zombie Trailer Park!

Main reason why I choose ZTP (aka Zombie Trailer Park) is that it doesn’t require from you to install anything, you just visit site which has this game on it and that is all, simple as that!

Now I won’t dive too deep with details what kind of game it is and things like that, you can find it yourself in couple of minutes while playing, instead I will pin point main subjects, so get ready:

  • Game consists of different units; zombies have different units as well.
  • In order to increase amount of your soldiers you will have to build special buildings (barracks).
  • Some of your units fight in close combat, while others have guns and explosives and they can fight on long distances.
  • Killing zombies increases your special attack abilities, once they are full you can unleash meteor of bombs on zombies and other kind of attacks, main thing to keep in mind here is to use them when you don’t have any other options left, otherwise your base will be destroyed.
  • Game ends when you destroy zombie’s home base and clean city from undead. That is pretty much your main and only objective in Zombie Trailer Park.
  • Gameplay

As you can see there are pretty interesting objectives in this game, and it is also very fun to destroy one wave of zombies after another over and over again, additionally to this you will get new units with new attack abilities over time so you won’t really get bored with this amazing zombie game.


Happy Wheels – Free and Fun Online Arcade Game

crazy-mad-gameHappy Wheels is a fun browser arcade game developed by Jim Bonacci with huge number of different levels and very intriguing gameplay. The game begins by choosing one of the characters that will use different and sometimes very atypical vehicles to pass the game’s levels. There are four basic characters if you play basic version, and it is possible to unlock more, if you play Happy Wheels full version. The game relies mostly on user-generated content, so each level can have a different goal, but in most cases it will be reaching some area without injuring character you control. Every character in the game is irresponsible driver that ignores all dangerous and consequences while trying to complete a mission and achieve a victory. “Happy Wheels” is also well known for its violence, so this game probably isn’t appropriate for younger children. Beside that, it is considered as one of the best free flash games and level editor allowed the huge amount of user generated content, you can play it at official site for free. The author continues to support this game and add new characters, so it is possible that the game will become even more fun in the future.

Game Characters
Each character drives a specific vehicle and all of them possess a special ability that can be used for specific purposes. For example, Wheelchair Guy’s can use his jet to speed up, Segway Guy can perform a jump with his Segway. Some characters can be ejected from vehicles and they can be independently controlled in such situation. Four characters are available in the game from the beginning, but the number of them is quickly growing.
– Wheelchair Guy
This is a homeless man in a wheelchair, but with a rocket strapped to it. Wheelchair Guy is difficult characters, as the rocket can be hard to control.
– Segway Guy
It is the most popular character as he is the most easily controlled character. The special ability of Segway Guy is to jump.
– Irresponsible Dad
It is another popular character, Irresponsible Dad uses a simple bike and has his Son with him. They can be separately controlled.
– Effective Shopper
Effective Shopper is a big lady driving a motorized cart. There is a severe lack of power, but has a special ability – jump.

New Happy Wheels characters were added in months after the game was introduced to the public for the first time. Some of them are Moped Couple, Santa Claus, Explorer Guy, Lawnmower Man, Irresponsible Mom, Pogo Stick Man, and Helicopter Man.

Happy Wheels – Free and Fun Online Arcade GameGame controls
The characters in this game are able for some special tasks and it can be effectively used in some specific situations.

Space – 1st action button
Segway Guy – jumps
Effective Shopper – jumps
Irresponsible Dad – brakes
Wheelchair Guy – boosts
Moped Couple – boost, but limited time
Lawnmower Guy – jumps
Santa Claus – flies, but limited time
Explorer Guy – lock onto rail

Shift – 2nd action button
Wheelchair Guy – rotate rocket
Segway Guy – straighten legs Moped Couple – eject woman
Explorer Guy – lean forward
Irresponsible Dad – eject

Ctrl – 3rd action button
Wheelchair Guy – rotate rocket
Irresponsible Dad – eject child
Moped Couple – brake
Explorer Guy – lean backward
Segway Guy – bend legs


A Quick review Of Cubefield Unblocked – A Very Popular And Interesting Online Game

We might call the speed of reaction as one of the essential things for humankind, which in the very beginning of the evolution process ascertained whether or not an individual could survive. These days the stakes aren’t so high, although an excellent reaction is among the coolest advantages somebody might possess. So, do you think that you are the one? In that case, try to test it out in one of the most popular online games named “Cubefield Unblocked” & tank trouble unblocked.

This particular game starts with a triangle moving in the forward direction across some site. The primary objective of this game would be to pass the entire territory packed with squares and not to collide with them, or else the game will come to an end, and also be very careful across the levels, since irrespective of how far you advance, in case you fail and also hit any square you will be forced to begin all over again and all your tries will be in vain. The quick movement of the triangle helps you to concentrate on what exactly is happening and the forthcoming levels are going to bring much more interest to the game because you will be accelerating with every victory. Cubefield features more than hundred levels which will bring interest while playing the game and you won’t lose your motivation to keep playing till you reach its very end.

A Quick review Of Cubefield UnblockedThe Instructions:

The game controls a dark arrow through obstacles as pieces. There is a third individual camera point controlled from behind the item which provides a 3-D perspective of the world. The objective will be to avoid the blocks. In case you collide with any of these blocks, the game will come to an end. Focuses are gathered accordingly as the arrow surges ahead.

A Very Popular And Interesting Online GameThe Controls:

The controls for this particular game are very basic. You can guide the object using the left and the right arrows on your keyboard. The controls are neither inert nor oversensitive. The game can be paused anytime using the P key. You can use the Q key to modify the game’s video quality to get it upgraded for a given computer. I would love to suggest another awesome online game where you can get different upgrades, play Learn to fly 2 and have fun.

The Verdict:

Cubefield Unblocked develops a logic reaction and thus, playing it will enrich your thinking abilities for any situation for taking decisions quickly, as well as develop the human response time more efficiently. This game is ideal for individuals possessing a driver’s license since there is often a necessity to take quick decisions when we don’t have adequate time. The continuously increasing speed is going to remind you of some genuine driving situations. This game is recommended for kids of any age since it aids in developing children’s thinking required for any situation.